By Marone: June 2020

Install and run Kong
with docker

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This is a qiuck article about how install and run Kong with docker.

Used technologies

Kong Gateway v2.x
Docker 19.x (Running on Windows)
cURL 7.x

What is Kong

Kong Gateway is a open source API Gateway. Kong Server is a lua application built on top of NGINX and acts like a API front-end.
The server forwards the traffic between consumers and the API's, the flexible Kong's plugin architecture make easy to add more functionality such as a rate limiting, authentication,request/response transformation, and more.
kong gateway
Kong exposes two endpoints:
Since launching Kong on 2015, Kong needs a database to store configuration such as Services, Routes, ...etc. The datastore could be either Cassandra or Postgres. From version 1.1 it has become possible to run kong without a database, this approach will be highlighted in this article.


Step1: Create a Docker network

Step2: Start and prepare Postgres DB

Step3: Start kong

List docker containers (snippet)

Now Kong is up and running

Configuring a service

Step1: Add a service

The Request Body contains:
name: The Service name
url: The upstream url


Step2: Add a route

The url specified the service name as attribute {/my-api}, which we created at step 1. With paths we define a path that match this new route.

Call the API directly

Call the API behind kong