By Marone: June 2020

Secure API with Kong
JWT plugin

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In the last article we learn how to protect and consume a API with OAuth2 Plugin. Now we will use JWT Plugin instead.
Each incoming request should contain RS256 or HS256 signed JSON Web Tokens (as specified in RFC 7519), kong will use the information related to consumer's JWT credentials such as issuer, public key and algorithm to verify the passed access token. If every thing is fine, kong will forward the request to the upstream.
We will use OpenAM access management to obtain a access token in JWT format.

Used technologies

Kong Gateway v2.x
Docker 19.x (Running on Windows)
Curl 7.65

Configuring a new service

Step1: Add a service

The Request Body contains:
name: The Service name
url: The upstream url


Step2: Add a route

The url specified the service name as attribute {/test-api}, which we created at step 1. With paths we define a path that match this new route.

Step3: Call the API behind kong

Protect the service

Step1: Enable JWT Plugin

Here we specify the service test-api and of course the plugin name=jwt

Response: key_claim_name indicates the name of claim which will be used for validating the access token
header_names tells us that the JWT will be included in request header Authorization
From now the API is not accessible any more. Calling the API without access token, it will return: {"message":"Unauthorized"}

Step2: Create a consumer

Step3: Create a JWT credential

What we pass here:

Let's test

Get Access token

Call the API

We will pass the access token as Authorization header

Behind the scenes (guessed)